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For our digital media project we were required to create two posters based on an idea/theme to do with the word dawn with any type of design style or media that we wanted to use. I researched into different forms of art, symbolism and colour schemes related to dawn and I then used these ideas to create a series of concepts with different dawn themes, this included the dawn of heroes, sun Gods, and waking at dawn.

My inspiration for my dawn based design came from a scene from a medieval themed television show. One of their scenes featured a group of knights waiting for the morning, during which one of the knights says "The darkest hour is just before the dawn". I really liked this quote with the theme of heroes rising so continuing with this type of theme for my project really motivated me to push forward with my design development.

I liked how different the idea was as opposed to a regular dawn theme, it wasn’t obvious but the idea of this quote and of heroes rising to the occasion linked well with the brief we were presented with. There was also a lot of places I could take this idea with the different angles of knights, fighting scenes and possible backdrop designs.

The colour scheme that I chose for my final design was based off the idea of both a sunrise and a more neutral yellow-orange colour scheme from my research on medieval colours. I chose to involve an approaching battle backdrop as this linked in well with my quote on the first poster as just as the darkest hour is before the dawn the illustrative poster was set just before the knights darkest hour in battle. 

My name is Megan Beattie, I am a Junior designer from Glasgow studying HND Graphic Design. I enjoy creating illustrations, magazines, logos and brand designs. I am passionate about designing and I constantly strive to produce high standards of work.

For my second poster I decided to create an illustrative poster. I chose to do this as this would give my posters some variety within the set and because the posters theme is very symbolic I felt that this style would be a good choice to create a very powerful and meaningful image.

For my first poster design I decided to create a typographic design. I felt that this style of design would help to establish a solid connection with my second poster and connect my posters theme of  dawn and heroes.

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